Monday, August 22, 2016

Run Mitch, Run!

Mitchell had his first Cross Country meet today! I know I'm so behind, but couldn't resist this. I couldn't go with work and Mason's game. It was in Bloomington. Matt went and took these. He was awesome!! 

Tired baby! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The baby needed glasses!

Now kindergarteners need eye exams before they enter school...I guess that's a good rule, because Molly needs them. Funny that a week before she went to my eye exam with me and tried all the pairs on...little did I know she would need them! 

And they were running a sale...and her Momma couldn't decide...and she's the baby. The last four pics are all hers. Yes, 4 pair. But only a total of $150! For my baby to see and love every pair...priceless.
We are now down to one pair missing and one broken.. 2 to go! Thank goodness for the warranty we got! ;)
Most importantly, she WANTS to wear them, because she can see!! She noticed the pebbles in the road when we walked out. It's a big new world for my girl! 

Checking out the schools..

Glenwood Middle School for Mason. So big and strange and new that I can't comprehend. 
At least he had time to figure out his locker.. We didn't even have time to walk his schedule. It makes me tired and scared just thinking of it! 
Mitchell's rocking his 6th grade locker.. Same school as last year, but big 6th grader this year! He found all his classes no problem. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016


The week before school starts! Oh my! I will catch up, but this was today! 

Mitch Cross Country inter squad meet. My boy! My sport! He was awesome!!! 29 th out of 105! A great time to build on. 
And this beauty can finally see what she's been missing out on! Thanks to a sale on glasses, we have many to choose with her coordinating outfits ;) 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July 29 week

I just realized these never posted. I found an all day dance camp for Molly. She loved it! The had a parent watch the last hour on the last day. I have video too! She loved it! So much she did it the following week! 

Backpack picked out for Molly. Perfect! 
And took Mitch to the Dr. for a crazy poison ivy/oak/yuck that he got from camp that wouldn't go away. A few days of oral steroids made all the difference! 
Girls night time fun. 
A pool full of boys! Love it! 

Last Saturday

Sometimes life slows down for a minute. I realized Maya had not seen her best friend, Pyper all summer. She's asked for her, but we've stayed hopping. 
I pushed pause for a moment. I texted her Mom, picked up McDonald's  and off we went. Two hours of innocent sweet girls at the park. 

Our picnic. 

I have video to add of these moments- pure laughter. 

Yes, I let them run fully clothed. It was hot! Totally spontaneous and dirty by the end! 

The best two hours ever. :) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mitchell's 11th!

 We celebrated on the 8th! Mitch had his usual crew, what awesome friends he has! 

A great surprise to have Uncle Danny and cousin Cord stop by! 

Cake at 11PM? Sure!