Thursday, October 20, 2016

Molly's Day

This girlie has had a big week. Tooth lost, field trip, and then today. 

We've been battling speech/hearing issues for years. Sadly, she hasn't passed a hearing test for a long time. She talks about "water feeling" in her ears. We were a bit lost in the medical system waiting on more tests... 
Mama Bear finally kicked in a few weeks back. Her original Dr that put in her tubes (that have fallen out) has a new PA that I knew from work. She listened and understood! No more was the day that Molly got her "new ears". 

She was so excited, but upset she couldn't have breakfast. 
We waited as I worried. 
They were so great to her! 
She had her adenoids taken out also. Dr. Said that was most of her problem. 
They prepped her in the wagon. 
She was so happy. I was not as they wheeled her away. Just awful for a parent!! Thank goodness Matt (who had worked all night) was near me. 
Her IV afterward. She wanted this OUT! She also requested an ice pack for her ears. 
Baby girl finally ready to get outta the surgery center. I forgot what anesthesia does after surgery! 
Home with her Roxie. Ready to watch 6 episodes straight of PJ Masks. 
And lots of cuddles! 
And sweet Melanie thought of our girl! She felt great by dinner. 
Loved her bear! Put it in Pajamas for bed. 
She also recieved cupcakes that she shared. 
A mixed emotion day, but she can HEAR so much better already! It's incredible! She said, no more water in her ears. Love this girl and just want to keep her cuddling with me. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Last "First Tooth"

And just like that. I told her last weekend I was going to put a band aid on it so it wouldn't fall out. To add to my sadness (and her joy!), the one next to it is nearly out also. 
The baby. 
The tooth. 
Time please slow down. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Not sure why I haven't posted lately. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

A glimpse

I'd be embarrassed to post last week's schedule for Matt and I. We made it work, but we didn't see each other. Lots of tag teaming with him working nights and our ridiculous after school schedule with kids' stuff. We literally ran in different directions at different times and even did kid swaps in parking lots. Thankful we make it work, but it's a zoo! 

I've very much slacked in the pic dept in Sept. Both boys in school sports really kept us hopping as well as swim schedules back in session, religion classes, dance, and soccer. We are lucky to get dinner, it's never together! 

I did start taking pics Wed evening. I took Mason to a baseball send off to state party. Matt had to work so he opted to do the swim team/soccer runs. 
A fun time with a fun team. Still honored that Mason was one of the few picked from 7th to play 8th grade baseball and enjoy this moment. 
I did take Thursday off. We crammed 4 kids' parent teacher conferences in and also flu shots for the crew. 
So great to hear all doing well. 
I only took a few pics as we were rushed- 

A poem Mason wrote about his Dad. 
And of his life-
Pleased  to report all doing well. We are fighting speech/hearing stuff with Molly, but I'm confident it will be resolved next month. 

Onto Fri. I left work and headed to Peoria solo (Matt had to work). It was a tough game, but at least Mason made it around the bases with a couple steals. 
Mitch had his last cross country meet in Bloomington. His awesome results are further in the post. He was awesome!!!

And today, onto soccer in Champaign. A big tournament. 
They played across the street from Assembly Hall, awesome! 
A break at the Guitar Center. He would have stayed all afternoon. 

Mitchell's results!!!! 37th out of 272 runners and his best time of the season, 13:18 for 2 miles. He's knocked nearly 2 minutes off his time in 6 weeks. What a great experience for him and he's ready for track this spring! 
Mom offered to keep my sweets this weekend. I miss them sooo much. They have to be so much happier there than driving all over for these events. These pics prove it! 

So much fun for them! Love their genuine happiness! 

Mason's plaque for state baseball. 
Cross country is over, baseball is over...bring on swim! It's our normal happy place and pace! A few less running a to practices and events will make a huge difference. So proud of my boys! 

I think 83 baseball games played since March...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The weekend

I was really, really sick last week. I'm
Glad I was better by the weekend because it was pretty full. Mitch had a big Cross Country meet Friday evening in Peoria, Mason had a sectional baseball game in Alton on Saturday, and a swim meet for the older three today. 

Molly was happy to see Reagan! 
It was so nice to be back in the swim groove. We haven't been able to go to many swim practices this month with school baseball and cross country every day after school. 
Mason's team won the sectional against Edwardsville!  They are headed to the state tournament next weekend. I don't think anyone thought they would make it this far and are really playing well together.  This is the 8th grade team and Mason and 4 other 7th graders were pulled up to it. 
Very exciting win!!
Molly and Rylan trying to stay cool. It was hot!!
Mitchell's BIG meet in Peoria Fri night. It was massive and he got his best time ever, 13:50. So proud of him! 
He was 45th of over 600 runners, most of the runners were 7th and 8th graders. 

Hot night! The girls were great though and Mitchell's biggest cheerleaders! 
I took this before school on Friday. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where we've been (only the first few Sept days)

We've been busy with Cross Country season with Mitch. He LOVES it! He's improved his time nearly every race. 
He had a big invitational Labor Day weekend in Peoria. 
The girls loved the park! 
So thankful Gramdma Sally came with us! 

We then headed to Olney and Flora on Sunday. 
Mitch was thrilled for the Jones Soda that was waiting on him! 
Mason has been just as busy with baseball. He was pulled up to the 8th grade team! 

You wouldn't know it here as he was in fisherman mode, his new favorite thing! Posing here with Aunt Pat. 
Enjoying the park! 
Labor Day we enjoyed the pool for probably the last time. 
Mason and I celebrated birthdays! 
Our Birthday dinner.