Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pool days!

I will backtrack, but I took off yesterday and today was my day off. Thankful for good pool days with friends! 

Raegan (green goggles) and Molly will start kindergarten together in a year. Thankful she's in our neighborhood! Her brother and sister already do swim team with us and love her parents. Thankful for friends to start that journey together in a year with friends. 
Our crew today. 5 Moms, I think 17 kids! A big crew but tons of fun for the HOT day! 
2 of my 4 had swim practice this morning at different times and Mason had an orthodontist appt. A busy morning running around, but a fun afternoon for the kids. 
The only pic I took of a handful of boys, the rest playing ball in the hot front yard. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Mason did a kids' Triathlon. He liked it, but it was really hot. 
The girls enjoyed the bounce house that was set up. Molly loved it! 

Getting ready for the swim. 
The last part of the run. 
He didn't feel well at the end. It was so hot and he pushed himself hard. Once he cooled off and drank water, he was better. 
A good experience! Mitch said he would wait until next year. 
Saints pool party Saturday afternoon. Love this crew! 
Maya lost her other front tooth!!!  
Our evening crew. 
Summer is finally here! 


Wednesday evening was perfect weather. I was so tired after work. After a quick power nap, we had bike riding, bubbles, and chalk outside. 
Thursday was one of the very few days this month that we put the boys "in charge" while we worked. We explained that for all the fun we give them, they need to do this. Matt is 5 mins away at work if they needed him. The kids had a blast. They are amazingly great without us. Love the sibling time together, Espevially without fights! 
I received this pic of Maya while I was working. She did a great job of picking out her outfit. Another friend was going to pick up the girls, but the boys said No..they had a blast together. 
Swim meet Thurs night. This girl rocked it! It's amazing how much she has improved. The boys were awesome, too. 
Mason had swim practice Fri morning. I gave him the choice of the 7 AM or the 830AM, he chose the early one. I snapped this too late. Roxie had slept all night on his back. She is quite the cuddler! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Started off with Swim Team practice. Mason at 7, Mitch 8:30, Maya at 9. Here is Maya having a blast after practice with her coach. 
We hit the library to load up on books for the rest of summer. 
And then the Marshall kids came over! 

A fun day! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Baseball weekend!

So much to post, but these two played together all weekend in the heat. A 2nd place finish and a blast for us to watch! Brady and Mason. :) 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chuck E Cheese

We concluded Mitchell's Birthday festivities last Wednesday with an evening trip to Chuck E Cheese. I had Mom guilt on Monday (his actual Bday) and asked him what he wanted to do that evening to celebrate. Both boys had a ballgame that evening, so I couldn't make it happen. (We took cupcakes to the game though!) 
It has rained all day Wednesday and I had worked while the kids hung out while Matt (tried) to sleep from working overnight. I was exhausted, but we made it happen. It was a blast! Mitch (being the smarty pants he is) had been online playing Chuck E Cheese games to rack up points... We walked in with 862 tickets. With all they earned that night also, they made out like bandits. He used the tickets to buy he and his sisters cotton candy and suckers. He had a blast! 

It was packed with the rain outside! The kids "dancing" with Chuck E. 
Mason had been with Tommy for 24 hours, so he came with and had a blast! 

Molly isn't scared anymore! 

My precious turkey just being a kid. :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mitch is 10!

Mitchell opening his first gift tonight before his ballgame. He's asked for this for over a year. A swim team logo jacket! He was pretty suprised and happy! 
He was offered anything he wanted for a dinner choice. It had to be a quick choice between me getting off work and a ballgame. His choice? Head West Subs with a Jones soda. I didn't even know what this was! 
On to the ball game. A win! Team pic after the game. Love that my boys are on this team together. Mitch had a great game! 
The most precious part of the day. They stood Mitchie on the Pitcher's mound and sang him Happy Birthday. These are the same coaches as our Saints team. How wonderful are they? This picture will be embedded in my heart! 
Arriving home for another gift! 
My Mitchie, my double digit boy, how did this happen? I remember the day you were born like yesterday. You came into the world easily and have been easy ever since. 
You are a comedian and love a good laugh and to make people laugh. You can be very quiet, but you are a jokester at the right moments. 
You have four really best friends, but your brother Mason and sister Maya are your best friends. Both at different times and situations, but you are so close to them. 
You just make me smile a lot. You are quirky and get yelled at nearly the most, but you are just an awesome kid. You get in trouble for the silliest of things, but I think sometimes it's just boredom because you are so intelligent! 
You are my baby boy. My Mitchie Moo Moo. I love you! 

Six Flags with Sanners (6/30/15)

My computer was stuck on updating this post for days.

We went in our annual Six Flags trip at the end of June with the Sanner family. Love our tradition! 

The Batman ride first for the older boys and Jake's first time! 
Melanie, Molly, and I headed to the little kids' area. 
Molly on the boat by herself! What a differece a year makes. 
Her favorite part of the day that she still talks about. Melanie riding the balloons with her! 
Maya rode this crazy ride! The girl has no fear. 
Maya loved the Joker ride too! Her only restriction was her height or she would have gone on everything! 
The full crew. :)
The annual picnic lunch.
Bugs Bunny!