Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Part 2

The kids arrived at Papa Dan's and Grandma Sally's with bikes to ride! I can't believe I don't have any pics of the boys on the bikes, they were on them for hours. They borrowed them from Aunt Pat's and what a hit they were!  Danny is sending more pics....

 Mitchell's request was to go to the Rocket Ship Park.  This park has seriously the wildest slide I've ever seen.

 It's a darn near vertical drop!
 He would have done it 1000 times.

 Pics from before Church.

 Pics thanks to Dad, can't believe I have none with Mom and Dad in them! :(
 This boy is really only 8 and acted only 8 this weekend.  He's a little too young for the big shot brother but too old for the sisters.  He LOVES to pester them and make them scream.  They love him, but it is going to make me insane one day. :)   Also, in case I don't post about his eyes...he had his 6 month exam 2 weeks ago and the poor boy can't see at all, even in these glasses.  New prescription and new glasses soon.  Only wish they still made these frames.  The hunt for glasses that we can all agree on goes on....I can't understand how he can play baseball well wearing these....  That's my Mitch for ya...

 This tree was just beautiful in front of their house.

 Aunt Ginny (my Godmother) stopped by to say hello.

 Bikes in the background, so much fun for the kids.

 After Church we stopped by to visit Aunt Connie in the nursing home.

 Love this sign on the way out.
 Egg hunt at the Sulsberger's!  We were suprised by Uncle Danny, too!  He took most of the pictures and I don't have them yet.

 No pics, I'm eating!

 This is how I also felt after arriving home.  Molly slept HARD for the last hour of the trip.
Also no pics of the feast Grandma Sally fixed and we also ate when we arrived home.  Hopefully Danny sends lots of pics.  My camera was dead, so counting on him! :)

Easter Part 1

I still have lots of rewinding to do but decided to go current for Matt.  He wasn't able to be with us this Easter weekend.  It was his weekend to work.  He was also called out a lot in the days leading up to Easter, so we haven't seen him much. I realized this weekend how much we ALL miss him!  The kids and I had a great time and thanks to both sets of Grandparents, Matt had an Easter meal tonight (probably the only meal he's eaten all weekend!)

We started off by visiting Great Grandma King. The kids loved the backyard.

 She cut daffodils for the girls.

 The pictures are all happy, but the kids were all in shambles and not getting along at all!  I left before Grandma at her wonderful age of 88 had to witness WW III. I will be brutally honest and say that we aren't all great all the time.  I left in complete tears and had to cry in the nearby Church parking lot.  I guess I hadn't seen Grandma for quite a while and was thinking of the old days of visiting on her back was that way for about 20 seconds. I regained control and headed over to Papa Gary's and Grandma Kaye's.  WOW! A fantastic meal and egg hunt followed.  So much fun.

 The boys had to wait a full 30 seconds after the girls and were ready!

 Aunt Michelle was able to come on her lunch hour too!

After the egg hunt I was able to go to Aunt Michelle's store and spend a long time trying on clothes.  It's like having a personal helper bring you clothes!  I ended up buying the exact outfit she was wearing.  SOOOOO proud of her in that she is now a district manager, a huge promotion for her! :)