Thursday, April 28, 2016

So proud of my Ben Franklin!

Mitch had his 5th grade wax museum today. So proud of him! 

These three besties! Flynn, Charlie, and Mitch! I snapped a quick pic while they were on break! 

Molly's Soccer Team

They had team photos Tuesday night. It was a long wait after the rain. They all show their excitement! 
She has met a great friend in Annabelle, 2nd from left. They are a pair together! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Last Sunday

Dear friend Sheila was here with her Chloe (and another friend named Chloe) for a cheer competition. I took the girls. Loved cheering the Chloe's for their cheer/dance! Brought back memories of 7th grade! 
Love Sheila! Caught up like it was yesterday...
The girls cheering. 
After their performance. It was so great!!! Brought me to tears! 
Onto day 2 of the ball field....

Sheila and the Chloe's were sweet enough to watch. These boys had three games Sunday and won the tourney!!!

It was so bittersweet. We played our team we sadly left last year, the Saints, for the Championship. These boys are so good together! Mason was so proud to bring home a trophy. 
After the games. 2 Chloe's and Molly. The girls loved these girls! 
Maya worked on a craft project for her birthday Sunday night. She and Molly love crafts!

At the ballpark

Day 1-

Mason and Stephen. Now on different teams. Last August Mason had try outs for the Chatham team and made it. So sad to say goodbye to our old team, but fun to see them on the field Saturday. We miss them, but love our new team. The team we are on now are all boys from Mason's school. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I had Friday off and we met Maya for lunch. Had to snatch this pic of my near kindergartner next to her school sign on the way in. 
Maya and her bff Pyper. A great lunch! 

Monday, April 18, 2016


At the Swim Team awards  banquet, he was awarded  Breakthrough Swimmer of the Year! This is huge! So proud of what he accomplished. He had an amazing swim season! Proud of my Mitchie!! He knocked off about 8 seconds off his personal best in the last few weeks of the swim season. It was enough to land him on the State relay team for two events and they were 2nd in state in both relays! Love that his smile is genuine, he earned it! 

The Weekend

Matt worked. Mason had a baseball tourney in Jacksonville. 

Friday night after a hard loss. Late! 
Mitch had baseball practice Sat and Maya a birthday party. Mason had a fun birthday party too, a rented gaming trailer, such fun! I had to smile as he and his first best friend in Springfield were two peas in a pod together.  
Matt headed back to the tourney and I had a night of fun with the rest of the crew! 

Onto Sunday, game 1. We ended up with 3 back to back, about 8 hours worth. Fun, but long! 

We arrived back in town in just enough time to catch the swim team banquet. The slideshow they presented was awesome, Mitch was shown and also received an award! 
We arrived home at around 7 Sunday and Monday came too fast..

Saturday, April 16, 2016


This is how I often find Molly in the morning. Curled up in a teeny ball with her legs tucked under her. 
This girl had Kindergarten night on Thursday night. Kindergarten preview! Holy cow! How can that be? I think both Matt and I were a little sad it was our last kindergarten preview. Oh Molly! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma Kaye!

Grandma  Kaye, Happy Birthday to you!! 

I was gone ridiculous hours at work today, followed by soccer and baseball. I know the kids got to tell you Happy Birthday, but I didn't. Sadly, my job when it's crazy, it's crazy and I didn't call. Once I had all to bed around 9 I looked for a fun picture of you to put on here and decided instead to thank you. 

You have instilled in me the celebration of Birthdays with gifts and cards. No matter if we don't see you, you make a point to make it special. I think that's what I hate the most is I thought about sending something-but sadly, time just got away from me. 

I thought instead tonight as I should have called, but it was late that I would just write. I had to do Barbie hospital, looks for schlaw, and deal with some pre teen drama. I looked for the perfect picture to post, I finally found one. 

Just a thank you tonight. Happy Birthday, thank you. Thank you for my husband. Thank you for making him a wonderful husband! Thank you for instilling good values in him that have made our marriage great for almost 17 years. Thank you for the good person he is to be the Dad that he is. I could not have wished for a better Dad for my four babies. You and Gary should be proud. You have helped outfit my four from head to toe and made them adorable! You have bought them toys that have been the best gifts ever. You somehow know how to make their day. You have taught them kindness and sincerity, and I love you for that! 

We don't see you often enough, but Thank you..and you should be proud. We are the happy family we are thanks to you. Love you bunches!! :)

Hope you had a great Birthday and we will celebrate YOU soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Girls soccer

The girls began their soccer season on Tuesday. It was freezing! If wasn't much warmer for it last night. 

Off they go!

Molly suprised me. She really liked it and did well. #3 is Molly.

And Maya! Not sure where she learned how to play soccer, but she's really good! Fun to watch. #1 is Maya
Mason's baseball practice was at the same park. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016


I hoped to get all pictures on this weekend. That didn't happen. For now, a summary of mid March to now-

Weekend of March 18th was spent near Chicago for the State YMCA Swim meet that both boys qualified for. It was a long weekend, but both dos well! We arrived home around 11PM that Sunday night. 
The next Monday the kids had well checks and Maya was not well....influenza b. Mitch went down next. Both missed school the next couple days. 
A nice moment later that week of the 4 chilling. 
The Saturday of Easter weekend. Egg hunt at Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye's! 
Sunday morning egg hunt at Papa Dan and Grandma Sally's! 
We left from there to the beach! 




(Driving home stopped in Metropolis)
We arrived home around 9 Friday night in shorts and Mason had to be at the field at 7:15AM with the temps in the 30's and brutal winds. He did great!