Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Molly's Week

It's Catholic Schools Week. Monday was Western Day. Molly wore her pink glittery cowboy hat. 

Matt and I were both able to meet her for lunch on Monday (Parent lunch). 

Tuesday- Superhero Day. Quick pic before I went to work. 
Class photo of Western Day. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday. (A big weekend!)

The boys at breakfast with some swimming buddies at the hotel. 
On to the Children's Museum! An old favorite to take the boys when they were little. Love that the girls had the opportunity to enjoy. 

Princess Belle met us at first! Molly was beside herself in excitement. 

The boys had just as much fun as the girls. 

Excavating. Brought back memories! 

Maya found an artistic spot and stayed there! 
She drew an amazing dinosaur. 
The chocolate slide! 

Airplane to China! 
Chinese grocery store. 
Panda land. 

Chinese food land! 

Maya as the teacher! 
The infamous race car! 

More artwork. 

Puppet show. 

Tea party. 
Another princess. 

Videos and more pics to come! :)