Friday, March 6, 2015

Our week

This sums it up: Mitch has been so sick! Poor baby has been sick since Monday morning. No strep throat, no influenza, just a nasty lingering virus that won't go away. :(  
He's had so many fevers I can't count and his temperature taken 100 times. I think he's finally on the upswing. Luckily with school called off Tuesday, and a 1/2 day scheduled yesterday, and no school today, he's only missed 2.5 days. Ready to have my "never sick" boy back! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015


It was a wacky weekend after the swim meet. Mom and Dad flew in after being diverted to Iowa with the snow. They were here this morning. 
The kids enjoyed plowing the driveway and their car out of the mess. Molly didn't last too long. 
The boys taking  a break. 
And then this happened....I was worried about this part of the cut, but it turns out it was cut all the way up beside her toe and deeper. Freak accident while jumping off the Cozy Coupe in the basement. She immediately blamed Mitch....he wasn't even near her. A good lesson on not jumping in the house and telling the truth. 

Selfie while in the ER. 5 hrs!

9 stitches later! 
It was awful. 
Poor baby. Ready for a new start on the weekend. :( 


We left crazy early for a swim meet. Molly very tired! 
The kids were so good when we got there. 
Matt  and I left with the girls while the boys did warm ups. A McDonalds suprise of a play land! 

These two were serious troopers all day, 

Mason came in 2nd next to a Goliath in his age group. This kid was bigger than Matt! 
And then Mason got 1st! 
Crazy good swimming considering he had been out a month. Mitch we realized can't see in the pool. He admitted to us it's hard to see without his glasses on. I never realized how hard that would be! Prescription goggles in his future....


I was off! 
This next pic was actually of my 5:40AM girl on Thurs. Loved her hair! 
Friday Molly had dance with Belle! Hugs but not sure Belle loved it. 
Molly and I made the trek downtown to renew our library card. We haven't been in a long time and the boys needed books to read. 

After school we headed to the Chatham library. It's almost like a rite of passage going for me to see how big the kids have grown. I went when the boys were little , Maya was tiny, and I was pregnant with Molly. Wow, how the kids have grown. 

The girls put on a puppet show. 
Listened to books. 
The boys played Scrabble and Checkers. 
Girls on computers. 
We came home and this girl was a major helper with laundry. She can fold towels in no time! 
For the first time in 3 months, I ran at the Y. Slow progress! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


A few videos to share. I am having trouble uploading the best video of all from Mitch from Chicago.  Hopefully tomorrow.

If there is any question that swimming makes my boys in better moods...I took this of Mason after swim practice this week.  

Another video: the girls walking down the aisle at the big January wedding! 


Mason was supposed to have an orthodontist appointment next week. I rescheduled because he's lost four big teeth in the last four weeks. This was his newest that fell out Tuesday while eating breakfast. Gone are the days of wiggly teeth for him, now they just seem to fall out.
Molly has had her class animal this week, Peanut the elephant. Peanut is supposed to go everywhere we go and document it. It's a lot to add in our day to keep track of Peanut too! The biggest obstacle is to keep Peanut from Roxie's reach. So far, so good.

Mason went Tuesday morning for cast removal.
Peanut went too!
He was ready! I will be honest, I'm  a little worried. They did x-rats after the cast came off. The small crack in his low thumb is still visible, but the Dr. Said there is new bone growth so it should be ok. He's ok to swim, but nothing else for two weeks.
I took Molly to Meijer for a few items and actually took the time to let her look at the toys. This never happens. I let life slow down for a second and enjoyed her shrieks when she saw something. "Elsa! Anna! Sophia! My Little Pony!"

I enrolled Maya in swim lessons to improve her strokes. She can swim fine, but no real strokes. I did this in anticipation of joining her brothers in summer swim team (hopefully). It ended up a little boy from her kindergarten class is in her small group. They had more fun together bobbing up and down. It was sweet to see him yell, "Maya!" when he realized they were together. If she doesn't gain swim strokes, it's nice to see her bond with a friend.

I snapped this after school. These two are crazy tight but love to drive each other crazy. 

A small story on Mitch from today (Thurs). I guess two boys from our neighborhood were verbally fighting on the bus this morning. Mitchell witnessed the encounter. He's sort of buddies with one of the boys (they swim together but don't hang out). The other boy and Mitch have never been close. If anything, I think the other boy isn't so nice to Mitch. Anyway, I guess Mitch was called out of class by the school counselor as a witness. He was very uncomfortable as both boys were being mean to each other this morning. Ends up, Mitch told the truth and actually stood up for the boy who isn't his friend and isn't always nice to Mitch because Mitch felt like the boy was being bullied. I was so proud that he knew the right thing to do was tell the truth. :)  This kid will barely stop for a picture and is ornery as can be, but I'm so proud of him.  
He ended up getting a Titan Ticket (school reward) for his behavior. Proud of my Mitchie!! I also have to add that he has had an amazing school year so far!
Ticklish girl on top of the laundry pile!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monday after work

Molly holding her My Little Pony. She's really into Rainbow Dash Pony right now.
Molly's hair is ready for spring! Her poor curls get smashed in her winter hat.
The crew after school. It's obvious who the jokester of the bunch is!
Maya and her friend, Lucia, eating and watching cartoons.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A HUGE Weekend

First and foremost, a big thank you to Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye for coming up and keeping our crew. Thank You!!

Matt and I drive to Chicago Friday to catch a flight to Kansas City to suprise Renee for her Birthday. 

Airport selfies.

Airplane selfie.
Flying is so interesting to me. Deicing the wings was intriguing!
I felt sorry for the guy in orange down there. He deserves to win the lottery!
What amazes me most is once you get above the clouds, you see this.
Suprise my dear friend!

Late night Guthrie selfie! Love these two!
And just like that, we flew back to Chicago on Saturday. Amazing sky!
Very suprised to see another plane so close! O'Hare is such a busy airport.

And then we suprised Joe for his party!
Matt and Joe.

Joe and Elly.
How lucky we are to have such dear friends in Renee and Joe. So thankful we were able to celebrate their Birthdays with them! 
A crazy fast, fun weekend. :)
I was glad to get home to my crew!