Monday, July 21, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The weekend

We decided to put the girls single beds into bunks . Thank goodness for Handy Man Daddy Matt !  They love it so far . We think this will help with their sleeping patterns . Molly is up early and Maya is the opposite. Hopefully with bedtimes too as Maya is ready by 8 and Molly not till much later ! 
New curtains . 
Maya was invited for her friend Lucia's Birthday celebration with Anna and Elsa . 
Best night ever for my Maya! 

Thursday off with my crew (and Friday)

The boys have been talking all summer for me to take them to one of their favorite restaurants... IHOP ! ( yuck !) they were thrilled to have breakfast for lunch . 
Maya even poured her own syrup. The smiley face pancakes the girls had and the boys had feasts and ate every bite. 
The Sanner boys visited! 
Finished the day with gymnastics. Molly loved the high bar. 

On to Friday with Maya's friend, Anne over. 
And Mitchell's VBS program! 
This VBS was precious for me. Our friend, Wendy (Tyler's Mom) took him every day. I suprised Mitch for their performance Friday night. When he saw me in the audience, his expression was precious and melted my heart. So proud of my Mitch!!!!


Matt sent this to me on Wendsday while I was at work, fun at the park! 

Monday with Grandma Sally!

I'm behind but this what I came home from a long day at work to last Monday! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bruins Baseball Party!

We lost the game Thursday so no baseball playing this weekend. We decided to have an impromptu baseball party. The weather was great and perfect for a pool party. 

This group of boys are wonderful. They are so well behaved and great all around boys. Loved having them! 

I didn't get an adult picture. Most were under the shade of the porch where it was cooler. We had a big crew! 

An attempt at a group jump-in-the-pool together picture. We were missing a few boys. 
It didn't work! 

This Bruins team has been such a blessing. For two years now we have made great friends and are so fortunate to be Bruins!l LOVE this team and sad the season is over. 

Last Bruins game

We headed back from KC just in time for the last Bruins game of the season. Mitchell had his best hit of the season! Mason had a hit to the fence and threw out a runner stealing (he was catcher). Love love love watching them play!!

What do we do now that all baseball is over?! 

Quick trip to KC

The kids and I headed out early the morning after the Cardinal game to see the Guthrie family! 

Always love seeing them and the boys still love seeing their "cousins". 

The girls made good use of the boys costumes! 

The crew! All getting so big!!!

Hugs ;) 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 Cardinal Game

On Monday I received a text that brightened my day from my friend, Kelly. She wondered if we were able to make a Cardinal game Tues night. We surprised the crew and had so much fun!!!!
Waiting before the game. 
Checking out batting practice. 
My monkey! 

The girls found Hello Kitty in the gift shop. 

We were early enough to enjoy an empty stadium and batting practice! 
He was in heaven!!!

Maya decided to help in the ball retrieving process. No, she didn't go over! 

Waving to players. 
Hot dog! 

This girl enjoyed every minute and was an Angel!!!
The kids were all so good! 

A Cards Win!!!!!!!!!  So much fun!!