Sunday, September 25, 2016

The weekend

I was really, really sick last week. I'm
Glad I was better by the weekend because it was pretty full. Mitch had a big Cross Country meet Friday evening in Peoria, Mason had a sectional baseball game in Alton on Saturday, and a swim meet for the older three today. 

Molly was happy to see Reagan! 
It was so nice to be back in the swim groove. We haven't been able to go to many swim practices this month with school baseball and cross country every day after school. 
Mason's team won the sectional against Edwardsville!  They are headed to the state tournament next weekend. I don't think anyone thought they would make it this far and are really playing well together.  This is the 8th grade team and Mason and 4 other 7th graders were pulled up to it. 
Very exciting win!!
Molly and Rylan trying to stay cool. It was hot!!
Mitchell's BIG meet in Peoria Fri night. It was massive and he got his best time ever, 13:50. So proud of him! 
He was 45th of over 600 runners, most of the runners were 7th and 8th graders. 

Hot night! The girls were great though and Mitchell's biggest cheerleaders! 
I took this before school on Friday. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where we've been (only the first few Sept days)

We've been busy with Cross Country season with Mitch. He LOVES it! He's improved his time nearly every race. 
He had a big invitational Labor Day weekend in Peoria. 
The girls loved the park! 
So thankful Gramdma Sally came with us! 

We then headed to Olney and Flora on Sunday. 
Mitch was thrilled for the Jones Soda that was waiting on him! 
Mason has been just as busy with baseball. He was pulled up to the 8th grade team! 

You wouldn't know it here as he was in fisherman mode, his new favorite thing! Posing here with Aunt Pat. 
Enjoying the park! 
Labor Day we enjoyed the pool for probably the last time. 
Mason and I celebrated birthdays! 
Our Birthday dinner. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday pics

It's been a long time! My Burgin Bunch :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

8/21 State fair

We took the younger three to the State Fair for a visit on Sunday. 
A quick visit, but we saw what we wanted and ate corn dogs and ice cream! 

The butter cow. 

Mason spent the afternoon fishing. His favorite! 
And celebrated a quiet dinner to celebrate 17 years. :)


My Friday off! It was my first day off since school started. 

I was able to spend some time with this boy. The 3 younger siblings' busses come around 7:15. I usually put them on the bus. This boy's bus doesn't come until 7:50 so he's  been getting to the bus every day on his own. With school baseball and a game nearly every day, he's spent the extra time in the morning gathering all his gear. Proud of him walking to the bus with his huge catcher's bag in tow. 
I was able to witness his independence on Friday. He has it under control! 
Melanie and I planned weeks ago to spend the day together since she was off too. We had pedis, lunch, and dessert over a four hour break from reality. :)
And I was able to get the girlies off the bus! Matt usually gets them since I'm at work. It was my first time this year, they were suprised to see me! 

A brief break from craziness! Mitch has cross country every day until 5:15. 


Mason's baseball game was cancelled from the rain. He fished all morning with buddies and then we decided to head to St.Louis. A busy Saturday of baseball turned into a family fun day. 

It was a fun day for ALL. Everyone had their happiness. First stop, IKEA. This was for Matt and I. We wanted to finalize some decisions for the kids' bathroom remodel that is on the horizon.

Maya pondering the sinks. 
We then headed to the mall for Mitchell's treat. He and buddy Tyler were treated to a vintage arcade. He was in heaven. I took the girls shopping and we ran into Cinderella and Elsa. 

And then found the boys! Lol
The girls and I then headed to the American Girl store. 
Molly was beside herself! 

And then we hit Mason's pick, Bass Pro Shop. He had some fishing lures on his wish list. 

The girls weren't super impressed, but it was a fun day!