Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Mom Weekend

Mason was asked to play on a soccer team in St. Louis last weekend. He's practiced with them a handful of times this fall when he was free. Turns out, he's pretty good at it! I had no idea of rules or soccer plays, but I had good lessons over the weekend. Matt had to work so it worked out for the kids and I to head down for a weekend of fun (and a quiet house for him to sleep). 

It was cold Saturday morning! Girls had fun with stickers and books sideline. 

We met for lunch at a mall. Ironically, Matt worked right down the road in college. 
After lunch, I suprised the girls with a trip to Build A Bear! I've been wanting to do it and the timing was right. 

Molly picking out Applejack's heart. 

Maya doing the same with Wishes' heart. 

Placing the hearts inside.,

Maya with her dog, Wishes. 
Molly and Applejack the pony. 
First bath. 

Helped by her brother. 
Picking out clothes! 
More bathing. 
Happy girls! 

Next, Mason had saved up his Birthday money and researched where he wanted to spend it, The Guitar Center. Paradise for a guitar loving kid! 
He knew the exact one he wanted- and they actually had a used one for sale! He was thrilled! 
Trying it out. 
Since Maya, Molly, and Mason had their fun, I asked Mitch what he wanted. He said, "Chuck E Cheese!?"
I had already researched that there was a Dave and Buster's near our hotel. I wish I had on video his excitement when I offered that instead. He'd seen it on TV commercials, but never dreamed he'd go! He was beside himself in excitement! 

It was Chuck E. Cheese on steroids, nuts video games!!!
His fav? Pac-Man from the 80's!! He was amazing at it! 
The girls loved it too, 

Still playing! 

Then we had another soccer game that evening. Pretty cool, turf and lights- but cold! 
Onto Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. 
The McDowell boys! The boys' first friends here! 
We stayed in a hotel and crashed, all so tired! 
Soccer early and cold Sun. Morning. 
Once we got home, we tackled Mitchell's science fair project. Let the seeds grow! With Coke, Sprite, or water...time will tell. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

My Molly!

I hope to catch up tomorrow. For now, Molly last Friday on preschool "red" day! P

Friday, October 2, 2015

Swim meet last Sun. 9/27

Maya in her SPY debut with 8 year olds. She's in the third lane from the camera. Pretty impressive! 

I don't think the next 2 videos work and I can't delete them. The next is Mitch in lane 5 with his personal best time in 50 freestyle.

The next is Mason 50 fly, personal best and first.  
Then it's Maya again in the 25 back, not the best video. 
Next is Mason in 100 backstroke. 2nd place behind a 13 year old and personal best time. 
Last video is Mitch breast stroke 50 which has improved so much! Best time and next to the kid In the white cap. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015


A gorgeous day! Blue skies and perfect weather. The boys each had double headers (rec teams). Maya had swim team practice. 
We enjoyed an impromptu lunch picnic as the boys played on back to back fields. 

The girls found friends and played with them! 
Finally home and cuddling. 
Matt was amazing and took the girls to the park while I napped. I had to also work Sat. Morning, so I was wiped. It was quite the experience at work. I was reminded of how much I love my job. I should say that I love what I do at my job, not always the job itself.

 Maya rolling in the grass while flying a kite. 
Roxie went too! 
Then off to BWW where Mitch actually won this in the candy crane! He gave it to Maya :) 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today with Mason

We have had some confusion with orthodontist appointments. We thought today was just a palate expander check. Thirty minutes later, Mason emerged as a new kid. This smile wasn't real. He nor I thought it would happen today as we thought next month. A quick thinking Momma I was as he wasn't happy ...Sonic ice cream at 830 AM, sure! Ibuprofen followed and into school he went. A pretty big deal that we really hadn't prepped for. It was a nice life lesson that somethings are better left for suprise so you don't worry ahead of time... 
He followed instructions and brushed like crazy and flossed well tonight. Hope this continues this well for the next 3 years... 

Last Friday

Last Friday was picture day at Chatham Elementary. This first grader has grown up so much in such little time as a first grader. 
Molly and her Friday speech buddy, Will. They were together last year also and have a blast together. 
Lunch with Maya at the school! 
In preparation for her big year next year.