Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fantastic first day!

All of a sudden I have a fifth grader, a fourth grader, and a kindergartner! 
She was so excited! 
Mitch, not so much! 

Mason getting on the intermediate school bus alone. 
These two waiting patiently for theirs. 
And off they went! 
I was so anxious to hear about their days. They all had great days! I forgot how crazy the morning was with me getting to work too , but we will adjust soon. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New wheels

Before I forget with all the school craziness, we traded in the van last weekend. 18 days in the shop and managing with a car that doesn't fit all 6, we were done. A new engine, but the fact that the van failed us, we needed to trade. We had plenty of time to research and decided on a Honda Pilot. It's not a van!!! It's a mid sized SUV with 4WD and so far we love it. It seats 8. More room to carpool! If I'm carting my own, love that they don't even use the third row seats. Love it ! I can't believe we traded after carting the kids to different dealerships and testdrives. They were troopers on Sat. After about 8 hrs in dealerships. They love the new (used) vehicle! 

Locker combination night/supply drop off

Found his locker of over 400 5th graders. Hoping that the fact that his teacher, Mrs.Sitko will be great if she went to the effort of putting sticky notes on her kids' lockers! Ironically, Mason's is 963...his bday. 
We didn't deck out the locker much, but added a shelf and a Cards sticker . 
Working on the combination. Oh! I feel for those teachers! The panic of kids that can't get it. We finally mastered it after a bunch if tries. The distractions of the hallway may add to the stress tomorrow ! 
Mason and his BFF from kindergarten, Andrew. So happy to go through this journey with the Sanner family! 
Checking out the massive library! 
And even bigger cafeteria. 
The entrance to Glenwood Intermediate School. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet the Teacher night at Chatham Elementary

I blinked and we have one day of summer break left. 

I was hoping Maya would get Miss Schulte for Kindergarten....and she did!  Mitchell had her and we loved her. She is his most favorite teacher yet. So excited for Maya's Kindergarten year with her!!!!  I'm also incredibly sad. I just can't believe it...kindergarten. :( 

Mitch is excited to be the oldest class at the Elementary school this year. He's excited to have a (very pregnant) Mrs.Collins! We have heard great things about her. 
My sweet 4th grader. 
My sweet kindergartner. 
Can't believe they will ride the same bus! 
We go to Mason's Intermediate school tomorrow night and the first day is Wednesday (sniff!) :( 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Holiday World 2014

I have so many comments on this trip, but for now just pictures.  Love that we were able to enjoy this with our Denver cousins!