Sunday, March 29, 2015

Baseball Weekend

Mason had his first baseball tournament of the season and it was COLD!  Thank goodness for the catcher's gear to give him a little warmth.

They played two games yesterday and two today.  Today was freezing.  They won the first today and hung on until the end, but lost the second game for second place.

Love that baseball has begun, but need some warmer temps! I think for the weekend he had 7RBI's on mostly doubles.  Great hitting! It was a great team effort.

Egg Hunt!

I took three of the kids to an egg hunt yesterday morning.  We did the same one last year, but as Mitch pointed out...last year the chocolate was melty because it was so hot!  Not this year as I had to dig out our hats and gloves again.

Meeting the bunny.
Ready to go!
Molly was in the first group to go.

Then Maya!
Very busy.

So proud!
And then Mitch was off!!

Going through their loot.  I think Mitch found at least fifty eggs, he was quick!

Open House at School

Maya and Mitchell had open house at school on Thursday night.  They were both SO excited to show off their work!  Grandma Sally kept Molly so we could just focus on the other 2 (Mason had practice).  She was actually here all week.  It was wonderful and we are all a little lost without her.  :( It was so nice to have her help!!

Kindergarten first...
Maya's chair.  She was so proud!
She likes to eat strawerries and play legos.
There's a sock in my pocket she is blue- from Dr. Seuss week.
I like to play in puddles and see the rainbow!
Mitchell was the MOST excited and couldn't wait to show off his room.

His food chain.
Bones displayed from the owl pellet disection-yuck! He did a great job.
I was so impressed.  The first thing he was to do was take a "selfie" with his family on his chromebook (laptop).  The school uses it for lots of the school work, it's pretty amazing.  The next day he sent us an email thanking us for coming.  Technology is amazing and he's amazing at using it!
His magazine on Jackie Robinson.  He created it and it was awesome!

Mythology poster.
Love our school!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Christmas family gift that Matt put together by himself! Love it! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


My day off wasn't quite as I expected. Matt was working nights and I was woken up by Mason about midnight with ear pain.  He finally settled down around 2AM once the pain subsided with medicine. Then at 4AM, I was startled by Maya crying-ear pain! 
I ended up taking both to the Dr. and Mason had bilateral ear infections and Maya had "the worst ear he'd seen in a month-on the verge of bursting". Geeesh! We've been to the Dr or sick more this year than the last two years combined! Both are on antibiotics and much better. Maya also had a filling come out of a tooth and had to get that fixed today. Matt had to take her and he told me the hygienist read the note from her previous filling that said, "excellent patient!"  She did great again. 

Here's hoping for a quieter rest of 2015. And yes, we have hit our insurance dedectable! 

Bless this sweet St. Patrick's Day girl who fell asleep in my arms once we were home. 

Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye's visit

We are anxiously counting down the days until Grandma Kaye's retirement, I think 10 days now! 
They came up to celebrate Maya. Somehow Papa Gary didn't get in any pictures. 

Super cute bike crown from Aunt Michelle! 

I wish I could have bottled this next moment up. Molly sat in complete disbelief/excitement for Maya's gifts. Little did she know, she had a pony too! She was so excited! 
So proud of Twilight Sparkles! 
The boys had gifts too! Mitch and Papa Gary spent hours together working crossword puzzles.... Priceless. :) 

Maya in her new Elsa outfit! We realized that Molly's was quite shabby after seeing the new sparkly one! 

Stickers fun!
Matt and I escaped for a bit in the evening. It was fantastic to have uninterrupted talking. He made sure to have a green beverage before starting his week of nights!