Thursday, May 19, 2016

The last 48 hours

I chaperoned Maya's field trip to the Decatur Zoo/Children's Museum. 
Molly graduated preschool.

Mason's band concert. 
Maya's soccer trophy from the game. 

Mitch in the mix also with swim practices and a rocket launch (that he made) at school. Video of Mitch coming!
Oh my, I need to remind myself to take off work the last full week of school next year! So much going on! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


More to come. I was hoping to catch up, but it didn't happen. 

Maya had her Family Tea. Lots of pics and video to come! 
More baseball! Mason's team has played nearly 30 games, hard to believe. 

Soccer! Maya is good! 

Currently I have 3 soccer players, 3 swimmers, and 2 baseball players! ;)
We squeezed in library time, which these 3 loved, in between baseball. 
Our last week of lasts for this baby. She loves being tall enough to reach the doorbell on her own before preschool. 
Maya's big field trip today! More to come! 

Molly's Farm Field Trip 5/5/16

Molly's trip to Miss Ashley's farm!!

My favorite part is the video:

My crew that I transported in my van. lots of talking by this crew! 
Hay ride! 

Seeing the pigs! 500 of them! 



Swing set fun! 

Gator ride fun! 
Pink Escslade fun! 
Lunch time. Amazing feast by Miss Ashley's Mom. 
Pig straws! 
Pig cookies! 
The amazing Miss Ashley and her Mom. How blessed that she had both my girls and was also our babysitter for early mornings. She's wonderful! 

Planted a flower for her Momma! :) 
Class pics

A preview to tomorrow!

Too good not to share

This first picture is a screen shot that I took from 3/26. It's a handwritten letter to each student in Mitchell's class sent by his teacher. It was addressed to each child. It's hard to read the picture, but tells each child how special and wonderful they are. They were getting ready to take big standardized tests and she wanted them to not worry, just do their best. It was amazing. 

And then tonight, this came in the mail addressed to the parents. Again, hard to read, but basically stating...take care of them, they are precious. 

What an amazing teacher and year Mitch has had. She's inspired and really pushed him academically and socially. What a gift Mitchell has had in Mrs. Long this year! All teachers are precious in my book, but she tops the cake :)  

Mitchell's Baseball!

After three cancelled because of the rain, Mitchell finally was able to get a game in! 

One of many hits, this was his first of the night:

Pep talk
He was so excited! 
The girls stayed busy while watching 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Best Momma Ever!

I just pulled up the most recent picture I have of my Mom. I didn't get to see her on Mother's Day not her Birthday...we are due to celebrate! She is my rock, my guidance, my vent-to person. My girls want "Sally's beauty shop" and instead they just had  their Mom tonight. I'm not near as good as my Mom. Thank you Mom for making me a better girl Mom than I am! I pretend to do hair as good as you, but it isn't! I am your mini-me in so many ways (not in doing hair!) ;) 
I catch myself saying things you said to me (that stuck) and I'm pretty proud to yell them at my kids. :) 
I hope you have had a fantastic day and when you come up, we are going to pretend it's 5/11 again. :) 
Love you to pieces.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

I'm a week behind! 

Mother's Day was spent at the ball fields. A couple tournament games. Concession stand for lunch, all together with my crew- perfect! 

It was a great day!! 

Molly had a touch of the stomach flu Fri night into Sat. Mitch got it full force Sun night. I stayed home with him on Monday. He was so sick! Finally by Wednesday he was on the mend.