Friday, November 27, 2015


Molly and I had the best Tuesday. We met Gramdma Sally for shopping and lunch in St.Louis. :) 
That's my new ride parked outside IKEA. Matt had been watching it online for awhile and the price dropped last Friday. He picked it up on Saturday. I love it so much! My favorite car ever! I get excited to drive it anywhere. :) 
It's a mix of the old silver van I loved, the town and country van we had, the civic I had 15 years ago, and the Honda Pilot we have now. I LOVE it! The kids do too! We sadly said good bye to the 'Ole Vibe with lots of memories. 
Bless her heart. Never one service issue and four replaced side mirrors from Matt and I hitting the garage. I only wish we had an inside pic of all the stickers the kids accumulated and stuck on the Windows from visits to the doctor. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Swimming Weekend

Maya swimming backstroke! She's on the left, closest to the camera. Love Molly cheering her on! 

I headed to Jacksonville,IL while Matt took the boys to a big meet in Springfield. Maya is amazing! At 6, it's pretty incredible. The boys also did awesome! Love my swimmers! 

My little swimmer! 
The independence! Proud Momma! She's on the left. 

Getting ready for another swim. 
The boys big meet. 

Molly and her girl dog. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Weekend

I know I'm behind. Work has been a zoo and home life too! We are hanging on though! 

Matt celebrated his Birthday Friday. We were able to escape this weekend and have conversations and complete them! If I had a thought, I even completed the thought without interruption! In other words, Mom and Dad gave us a much needed break. Priceless. It's a win/win because the kids loved every minute, too. 

Maya tonight (cute hair by Gma Sally this morning) requesting a "lemon water!" Love that she's introduced to something she loves! 
This was sent to me last night. She made these turkeys shrimp and noodles! They were spoiled!!! No chicken, boys! They loved it! 
Ice cream too! What a weekend the kids had! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I was determined for family pics this fall as we usually do. Sadly, we are busy. It's hard to coordinate a photographer when we are all free! 
We were all outside on Sunday, playing hard and enjoying the weather. Mason's friend, Tommy rode up on his bike and I decided it was time. Somehow, five minutes later, we created this! Not perfect, but perfect for our crazy family! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween weekend

The aftermath! The candy bartering. 
The crew afterward. Big boys had already ditched the costumes. 
The little ones. 
We had a haunted hayride last night. This was the crew before the hayride. 
Part of the hayride crew. 
Ready for school on Friday!! Candy corn witch. 
The cutest Doc McStuffins ever. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mitchell's Science Fair

This boy is amazing. He will be something someday. He had his science fair on Wednesday to display his project. 
He has always loved soda. We just don't buy it for him to have, but he loves it. How fitting for his project to feed a seed soda and see how it would grow. It was hard to find seeds in October that would grow quickly. My work girls came through with seeds for him to plant and he did it! Seeds given Sprite or Coke didn't grow, but seeds given water did. Proud that he did this on his own. It's not perfect and slightly worried for the paper work part of his grade, but a good life lesson learned! I made him type and design the entire thing. Matt was able to go this week. 
Matt also took the girls to the Halloween store! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Big Swim Meet Weekend

Love that my boys still like to sleep together and laugh each other to sleep. It's happening less and less, but I love when it happens. This was right before the 530AM wake up on Sat morning. 
We headed to Edwardsville. Mason had the early morning warm up swim, so we took the rest of the crew to McD's for breakfast. 
The pool was amazing! It was huge! 
How they kept occupied for the morning. Mason's swims were in the morning and Mitchell swam the afternoon. 

Such a cool view we had! 
Love seeing their names on the board. 
Keeping busy with friends for the afternoon swim of Mitch. 

Goofballs at the hotel! 
These girls loved the hotel pool. 


Keeping entertained for more swims on Sunday. 

Burger King play land. 
Mitch getting ready. 
Mason in blue shirt pumping little brother up! 
Ready for back stroke. 

Don't listen to me talking..,Mason's State qualifying 50 yard backstroke. His best time yet. 

Side way video of Mason butterfly. 

Mitchell's IM swim!