Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Sweet girl with her Daddy. 
Sweet Molly. 
Big cheesing face. 
Molly and Papa Dan 
Selfie with my cousins, Natalie and Rebecca. 

The princess as Molly called her. 
Pictures on our table when Pat and Thea were 5. So cute! 
Dad and Thea. 
Boys and Thea.

Having a great time! 
More cousins! 
Wearing Gramdma Sally's glasses. 

Nancy and Mom. 

City behind them. 
Winding down playing the iPad. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015


We arrived before the ceremony and found Aunt Nancy. 
We just hung out before the ceremony. 
Pictures outside before the ceremony. 
She was stunning!!! Love this picture! 

The entire group. 
Playing her kindle still waiting for it to start. 
Fruit snacks to pass the time.
My babies!
Aunt Nancy just shortly before the ceremony got out her hot glue gun to repair a bouquet. 

The boys were so patient. 
Passing the time with Daddy. 
A blue snowman. 
Beautiful bridesmaids waiting patiently. 
Grandma Sally arrived! 
Aunt Nancy and Grandma Sally. 
More snacks! 
So pretty!

Almost time! 

We found Papa Dan!

After the ceremony. 

Danny and Amanda with Dad. 
I didn't get any pictures during the ceremony, but the girls were perfect! It was a beautiful ceremony and I loved it. They are a perfect couple. Dance photos next!