Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Weekend

My Molly on Friday. This dress was bought for Maya for school, but Molly had grown so much and wearing 5's! 
My girl before speech. 
Matt had been on nights for what seemed like eternity. Our paths hadn't crossed at all for over a week. We texted and talked on the phone, but that was about all I saw of him. I looked forward to Friday night all night!!!  Mason had a birthday party and Mitch swim team practice, but thanks to friends we didn't have to shuffle plans to pick them up. The girls enjoyed their night at the Little Gym, where Molly does gymnastics. They offered a "Parents Night Out" from 6-9. It was a win-win! Mitchell joined his sisters and they all had a blast. Matt and I conversed... Without interruption! 
All ball games were cancelled on Saturday due to the week rains. The boys both had swim practices in the morning and in the afternoon we headed to the Mud Dash! 
A friend kept the girls so Matt and I could just have the boys. I signed the boys up awhile back and didn't know what to expect, nor did they! 
Met with friends before. 
And this was near the beginning. A slide into pure mud. We (Matt and I did it with them ) then had to go in that mud filled tunnel! 

The tunnel had areas of deep mud and was like quick sand. Mitchell's friend , Charlie lost his shoes in the muddy mess !

It was perfect weather. Mitchell was nervous about the run beforehand. During the race he was the fastest, fearless kid ever ! 
Muddy hair. 
The half way point had a slide into mud. 

Matt at the bottom. I started out on my butt, but somehow flipped to my belly. It was so much fun. 
Obstacles on the course. 

Mason found his friend , Peter. 

So muddy! I didn't get a good picture at the end because I was so muddy myself. I had so much fun, I laughed and screamed at points. One of the best moments was when I slid down a muddy hill and couldn't get up. I was laughing so hard ! 
After they hosed off. 

This doesn't do the mud justice, I felt like it was everywhere! My shoes were old ones, but white! A hot shower felt so good! 
We arrived home about 4:40 with the girls and somehow all showered and made it to the Sanner's by. 5:10. We were there to celebrate Jake!! 
A beautiful afternoon for being outside. 
Opening gifts. 
Birthday ice cream pies ! 
Happy 8th Jake! Hard to believe! 
We left pretty early and were all pretty tired . A fun day! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Mitch and Maya love riding the bus together. I snapped this while waiting this morning. 
I went into work late so I could get a picture of Molly at preschool. This is her other teacher, Mrs. Jenkins. She is as sweet as she looks! Molly was more excited than she looks! 
Such a cute room! My kids all wore their red, white, and blue today even though the girls are too little to understand why . 

What a day to remember from 2001. I remember like it was yesterday. Such fear and sadness.  May we never forget. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The week so far

Molly started 3 year old preschool! We are so lucky that Maya's preschool teacher from last year helps us out two days a week because I leave for work at 6am. She took Molly on Monday and sent me these pictures. Molly's teacher is Mrs.Desalle. We know her well because her son is on Mason's baseball team. Such fun for Molly to see her teacher at games ! 
I think this was Molly's scrunched up Im excited face-ha! 

Molly also had her first dance class ! 
Love the place ! It's perfect for her personality . 
Matt sent this to me on Monday after he got these two off the bus. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mason is 11

We had planned for a big sleepover for Mason's Birthday until we found out he would have a 9am Saints game the next day. We hadn't talked much about what to do, but he had mentioned Teddy spending the night. Saturday morning I asked for his parents and  promised an early bedtime (his Dad is one of the coaches). We suprised Mason! He was so thrilled. 
His sideways Birthday cake. Not very pretty, but cookie dough blizzard filled ( his fav!) 
It was a quiet and quick celebration! 

Love how excited Mitchie was! 
Maya's gift to me. 
Mason opening our gifts. 
My boy.  :) 
The girls in their new shirts from Gramdma Sally ready to head out to the game this morning. Their shirts say Sisters Forever. 
A Saints win! Love this team so much. Love the parents and kids. 
And just like that, our Birthday weekend is over. Laundry done, house clean ( sort of) , backpacks ready, and 4 lunches packed. Bring on Monday! Molly starts preschool tomorrow and is so super duper excited!!!! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Birthday

I am so lucky to share my Birthday with my 1st born! I stopped having official Birthdays 11 years ago a little after 7pm . 

This will be a honest post. Yikes! I'm 37. That sounds old! I really don't think about the age so much as I judge it by Mason's age. 11?! Yikes. I remember 11 vividly because my brother was born two weeks later and I feel like it was yesterday . I don't remember my birthday so much that year as I remember my brother being born. The call to Grandma's house where I was sleeping. Mrs. Wilson, my 5th grade teacher giving me candy that day because it was special (even though it was a Friday and I didn't have orange/ black on for the football game that night ). I remember so much from being 11. Life was so simple. I remember so many birthdays but the fact that Mason is 11 and that was year Danny was born , it kinda sets in reality that I'm old!!! 

I'm so blessed and I try to keep my kids in check to how blessed they are . This was Matt's wknd to work. I hate it. I hate every wknd he works !!! My parents came up today and I had the best day ever with just my Mom. My Mom! Over lunch she shared with me my birth story complete with how she and Dad found out they were pregnant . Seriously?! How cool is that ? The sad thing is that I ate too fast and could have sat there all day. We shopped around and I loved that it was just us. 
I'm a happy 37 year old tonight. My fantastic (and I mean better than I could have ever dreamed of!) hubby shopped for me and stayed up this morning after working all night to give me gifts. My birthday boy shared the happy birthday song with me this morning and made a point to celebrate my day too. My Maya had perhaps the most thoughtful gift ever and wrapped multiple gifts into one sack on her own. She wrapped her bracelets , necklaces, and bows all together for me . She went around the house looking for things that would make me smile and wrapped them up . She may be fiesty, but the girl has a heart of gold. Mitch and Molly have their love too . 
For the past few months I've tried really hard to be good. Not by eating or drinking ( lol ) , I mean good in that everything bad that happens I try to think of the devil trying to make his way into my life. Every day, no matter if it's the small crazy things at home or work that frustrate me... I think it's God's  job of showing me what I can handle and get over it quickly!!! It's my plan.   I think at 37, I've found MY plan. I've been blessed with absolutely amazing parents that taught me values that I still learn from every day . It's funny that the things they taught me when I was young seem even more important now . I've been blessed with my best friend, my soul mate, Matt . I could spend every day with him and never get bored. He's my rock and keeps me sane. I've been blessed x 4 with perfect kids. They are all perfect in their own ways and I love them for that . They are all so different, but so similar too . My only regret is that I would have had more!! :) if only I could clone myself. 
I write this tonight so thankful for what I'm blessed with.  37 and a great life. Happy Birthday to ME !!